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For lots of home owners and property managers, dirty driveways can be a pain and an eye sore. For HOA home owners this can become a big problem leading to fines.


Moving in or moving out? Need to clean up the garage? We can handle that for you.

Pool deck & Patio areas

These can get pretty dirt from lots of play during the warm months and even worse in the windy months where dirt and debris can accumulate over time.

House wash/Small building Roofing

Over time dirt and dust can accumulate on the house and also attract bugs and other unwanted pests. Having your house power washed will help remove dirt especially if you are getting ready to paint. We also remove rust.

Evansville Cleaning Service’s Pressure Washing uses a mechanical sprayer that uses high- pressure water to clean and remove: Spider webs, mold, grime, dust, dirt, mud and any other surface debris that needs to be removed. Our Trained Employees can handle any project that we encounter. And as always we ONLY use environmentally safe products. So whether your project is just removing spider webs or removing some caked on debris from your deck or patio, rest assured you are going with the PRO’S.

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Swing sets/Play Equipment

How Will  My Project Be Priced ?

Simple, once we have spoken about your project’s needs, we will set up an appointment with you for an on-site consultation with our knowledgeable representative. Upon the inspection of your projects needs, you will be given a proper explanation of the best ways to take care of your project. Along with the final cost.

What Is The Estimated Start Time Of My Project?

Most projects are turned around within (24 to 48 hrs.) Of course weather does play a factor.

How Is The Pressure Washing Done?

It depends on the project and the need of: (psi) which is the pressure variant. Evansville Cleaning Service’s knowledgeable employees are trained in knowing not only how much or little of pressure to apply. Pressure usually varies from: (750psi) up to (3000psi.) Since we understand your concerns of not only: Project Safety along with making sure the areas around the project are protected REST ASSURED, we take Extra Pre-Cautions to make sure your projects needs and property are well protected and a: Safe Work Environment is Applied.

Use Of Chemicals?

NO! We ONLY use water and environmentally safe products.

Rest assured that you are going with the PRO’S.